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##Last Name, First Name Middle NameAffiliation NameAction
1Addington, Paige M.
Fresno Unified School District
2Allard, Katherine
Canyon Crest Academy
3Amankonah, Frank
University of Nevada, Reno
4Anderson, Nancy
Borenson and Associates, Inc.
5Armbrust, Bruce D.
Lake Tahoe Community College
6Assuah, Charles
University of Nevada, Reno
7Asteak, Barbara
Suntex International
8Asturias, Harold
University of California, Berkeley
9Atkins, Sandra L.
ORIGO Education
10Ayebo, Abraham
University of Nevada, Reno
11Ayebo, Abraham
University of Nevada, Reno
12Bailey, Lora A.
Auburn University
13Balimuttajjo, Sudi
University of Nevada, Reno
14Balka, Don S.
Saint Mary's College
15Ball, Tom
University of Nevada, Reno
16Barger, Rita
University of Missouri¬óKansas City
17Barnes, Dave
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
18Barrow, Brenda P.
Virginia Council of Teachers of Mathematics
19Beeman, Bix
Buhach Colony High School
20Bellman, Lonnie A.
College Preparatory Mathematics Educational Program
21Bellomo, Carryn
22Benjamin, Arthur
Harvey Mudd College
23Berda, Chryste
Pendergast Elementary School District
24Bice, Michael D.
California State University, Stanislaus
25Bierre, Pierre
Spatial Thoughtware
26Bjorkman, Thomas Miles
Pacent Learning Solutions
27Braatz-Brown, Linda M.
University of California¬óRiverside
28Bradsby, Larry D.
Jefferson County Public Schools
29Bradsby, Shirley
Jefferson County Public Schools
30Braimah, Valerie C.
Insight Education Group
31Brancamp, David John
Nevada Math Council
32Braybrook, Tanya
River Valley School
33Brown, Cathy
Teachers Inspiring Problem Solvers
34Buckreis, Bill
Framingham State College
35Burger, Edward
Williams College
36Chaves, Gina P.
California State University, Long Beach
37Chaves, Wendy R.
California State University, Long Beach
38Cheng, Diana
Boston University
39Childs, Leigh
California Mathematics Council
40Cohen, Martin Paul
Prentice Hall Publishers
41Cook, Marcella
Colton High School
42Cook, Marcy
Consultant, Author
43Cooke, Jacqueline Marie
Oregon Council of Teachers of Mathematics
44Cornwell, Pamela
Holman Middle School
45Coughlin, Heather A.
California State University, Stanislaus
46Cox, Kelli
San Diego Jewish Academy
47Crose, Sarah
Lincoln Public Schools
48Cummins, Jerry J.
49Cunningham, Jodi
Clark County School District
50Currah, Joanne
Box Cars & One-Eyed Jacks
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