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ATA Midyear Meeting 2014
The 26th annual American Taxation Association (ATA) Midyear Meeting will be held in San Antonio, TX on February 21-22, 2014. We invite submissions to the following research and teaching sessions. Details about each session along with specific submission requirements are included below.

Call for Research Submissions
We invite submissions of research papers. We encourage submission across a wide variety of topics and methods. We welcome new topics, new research methods, and new data sets, in addition to traditional domains.

Eligible research papers fall into the following categories.

(1) New Faculty/Doctoral Research: For a paper to qualify in this category, at least one author on the manuscript must have started their first tenure-track faculty position during the 2010-2011 academic year or later, or must be a doctoral student. Doctoral students are invited to submit papers based on their dissertation or other working papers. The ATA will partially support doctoral students who have papers accepted for the New Faculty/Doctoral Student Research session (the registration fee will be waived and one night's lodging at the hotel will be provided).

(2) Working Papers: For a paper to qualify in this category, the manuscript must be sufficiently developed to allow informed feedback (e.g., well developed background and theory, clearly stated hypotheses, and planned statistical analysis). We encourage submission of a variety of papers including those that examine new topics, or new or seldom seen methods of research, new data sets, etc. that might appeal to our audience of tax enthusiasts. The aims are to provide authors with relevant and timely feedback and to provide the audience exposure to cutting edge research.

As part of the submission process, you will be asked to direct your paper to one or both of the above categories and to indicate whether your submission should be considered for inclusion in the research forum.

Submissions must be completed by November 1, 2013.

If you have questions, please contact Sean McGuire ( or Stacie Laplante (

Note: Papers submitted to the ATA Midyear Meeting will not be considered for publication in JATA unless authors separately submit the paper to the journal and pay the submission fee.

Call for Teaching Submissions
Innovations and Challenges in Teaching Tax Session:
The Teaching Resources Committee is sponsoring a session focused on innovative teaching in tax. Potential topics include, but are not limited to, the use of social media in tax courses, assignments requiring students to apply and enhance their Excel skills, and coping with the challenge of teaching tax courses when the permanence of many tax provisions is uncertain. The session's format will include a 5-8 minute presentation of each accepted submission, after which the presenters will be available to further discuss their ideas with interested audience members.

Effective Learning Strategies Session:
The Teaching Resources Committee is sponsoring a session similar to the Effective Learning Strategies (ELS) sessions at the AAA annual meeting. A submitter may choose to submit directly to the ELS session or to have his or her submission considered for this session if not accepted for the Innovations and Challenges session.

All submissions 1) should describe the idea, resource, teaching strategy, or innovation that supports learning in tax, including the key issues and concepts that will be addressed and 2) should include learning outcomes (what will participants learn from your presentation or poster?).

Submissions to the Innovations and Challenges session should consist of manuscripts (paper of 5-10 pages, excluding figures and tables).

Submissions to the ELS session may consist of manuscripts or shorter documents (approximately 200 words)

Submissions must be completed by December 1, 2013.

Authors of accepted submissions will be expected to attend the ATA Midyear Meeting and fulfill their responsibilities for the session for which their submission is accepted.

For further information, contact Susan Anderson (
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