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Digital Resources and Tools for Humanities and Social Sciences: Latvia

Sat, May 28, 2:00 to 3:30pm, Denny Hall, 111

Session Submission Type: Workshop


In the demonstration session, digital tools and resources for research, education and general enquiry of Latvian, Latgalian and Livonian languages, literature, traditional culture, autobiographical heritage and history will be presented by the representatives of institutions that are developing and curating them.

The session will start with short presentations of the tools and resources listed below, followed by individual demonstrations and open discussions at the presentation desks.

Additionally, – a platform to support the Ukrainian scientific community, will be presented.

Any other curator of digital resources for Baltic studies who participating in the AABS conference and would like to present their resource is welcome to take part. Contact:

This session is organized within the State Research Programme “Digital Resources for the Humanities” under grant agreement No. VPP-IZM-DH-2020/1-0001.

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Digital resources and tools for humanities and social sciences to be presented:

Language resources & processing tools:,,, (Normunds Grūzītis, LU MII)

Latgalian corpora:, (Sanita Martena, RTA)

Cluster of digital resources for Livonian language and culture: (Valts Ernštreits and Gunta Kļava, UL LI)

Vortal of Latvian Literature: (Eva Eglāja-Kristsone, LU LFMI)

Latvian Prose Counter: (Anda Baklāne, LNB)

Women in Latvian Culture and Society (1870–1940): (Zita Kārkla, LU LFMI)

Digital Archive of Latvian Folklore: (Sandis Laime, LU LFMI)

Citizen science and crowdsourcing platform: (Sanita Reinsone, LU LFMI)

Digital platform for a collaborative collection of regional words: (Sanda Rapa, LU LaVI)

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