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AAS 2013 Annual Conference
Welcome to the Online Program for the AAS 2013 Annual Conference. The Annual Conference will take place at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego, March 21-24, 2013. There are 376 panels scheduled to take place and over 1900 participants.

This online program includes all scheduled participants, panel and paper titles, abstracts and additional panel and scheduling information.

You may view the online program in two different ways.

Option 1: LOGIN TO VIEW THE PROGRAM. Login to the All Academic program to take full advantage of the “My Schedule” feature. Participant’s logging in for the first time may request their username and password via the Log-In procedure column to the right. (All participants already have a username and password generated in the system). Logged in Panel Participants will find their panel information already listed in ‘My Schedule’ Non-participant’s may also create a new user account. Logged in visitors will have the ability to save a schedule in the system for future reference or changes.

Option 2: VIEW THE PROGRAM AS A “GUEST”. Anyone may search the program by clicking the “Search Program” link to the left. You may search and browse the schedule as a “Guest”. You may also use the My Schedule feature to build a schedule which may be printed or saved to Outlook calendar, however as a “Guest”, you will not have access to save the schedule.

The 2013 Annual Conference program is subject to change.

Please note: This schedule currently lists only the scheduled panels and does not include special events or keynote addresses currently scheduled.
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Log-In Procedure
PARTICIPANTS: If this is your first visit to this site, please request your username and password below by entering the email address the AAS has on file as it relates to your participation at the conference. PLEASE DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT IF YOU ALREADY HAVE ONE. An account was automatically created for all individuals listed on proposal submissions during the call for papers (regardless of acceptance).

GUESTS & GENERAL CONFERENCE ATTENDEES: If this is your first visit to this site and you would like to save a schedule using the 'My Schedule' feature you will need to create a new user account.

IMPORTANT: The usernames and passwords to access the All Academic system IS NOT the same or tied to your AAS MEMBER DATABASE username and passwords. These are two independent systems.


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