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AAS 2016 Annual Conference

AAS 2016 Annual Conference
March 31 - April 3, 2016 * Seattle, WA
Washington State Convention Center/Seattle Sheraton Hotel

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The 2016 AAS FULL CONFERENCE PROGRAM is AVAILABLE for public viewing via this website. CLICK ON 'VIEW THE ONLINE PROGRAM' to see a full listing of participants, panel abstracts, paper abstracts, search by date, location, title & keyword search, etc.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO LOG IN TO VIEW THE ONLINE PROGRAM. Logging in is ONLY necessary if you would like to use the scheduling feature and save your schedule to your outlook calendar or for future editing.


Option 1: VIEW THE PROGRAM AS A “GUEST”. Anyone may search the program by clicking the “View the Online Program” link to the left. You may search and browse the schedule as a “Guest”. You may also use the My Schedule feature to build a schedule which may be printed or saved to Outlook calendar, however as a “Guest”, you will not have access to save the schedule for future reference.


Option 2: LOG IN TO VIEW THE PROGRAM. Login to the All Academic program to take full advantage of the “My Schedule” feature. Panel Participant’s logging in for the first time may request their username and password via the Log-In procedure column to the right. (All participants already have a username and password generated in the system). Logged in Panel Participants will find their panel information already listed in ‘My Schedule’.  

General Conference Attendees (not presenting on a session) may also Create a New Account. Logged in visitors will have the ability to save a schedule in the system for future reference or changes.


AAS MEMBER USERNAMES AND PASSWORDS WILL NOT WORK HERE. If you want to log in to save a schedule and do not already have an account, please create a new account.  If you are a participant on a panel session, you already have an account as your name is listed in this system-simply click forgot password and the password will be sent to the email that was submitted on your original proposal.

The Annual Conference program will also consist of Film Screenings, Meetings-in-Conjunction and receptions (these functions are not listed in this online program; only panel sessions).

We look forward to your colleagueship at our Seattle conference and to a program that reflects the dynamism of Asian studies and the AAS.


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IMPORTANT: You must CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT HERE to submit a proposal (even if you have created an account in this system for previous conference year submissions). All accounts from previous conference years are removed each year for the new call for papers submission period. AAS Membership is not required to submit a proposal.

AAS MEMBERS: The usernames and passwords to access this PROPOSAL SUBMISSION system ARE NOT LINKED to your AAS MEMBERSHIP DATABASE username and passwords. These are two independent systems. You MUST CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT here.

PANEL PARTICIPANTS: An account was automatically created for all individuals on the program by the panel proposal organizers during the call for papers process. PLEASE DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT IF YOU ALREADY HAVE ONE. If this is your first visit to this site, please refer to the email sent by the system indicating your login credentials or request your username and password below by entering the email address the AAS has on file as it relates to your participation at the conference. Panel participants will only have access to view and edit personal contact information. Only ORGANIZERS can view and edit the proposal submission.

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