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Coastal and Maritime Dynamics of Southeast Asia, 5th - 19th Century

Sat, April 2, 8:30 to 10:30am, Washington State Convention Center, 3rd Floor, Room 307

Session Submission Type: Organized Panel


Trading systems, inter-regional cultural exchange, migrations and diasporic communities have received substantial consideration in studies of Southeast Asia and its surrounding seas. Yet, Southeast Asia's mariners and the political and social systems they were part of still seem so opaque. In order to gain a clearer understanding of how regional maritime dynamics interfaced with political and social worlds above the high-water mark, this panel examines connections and interactions along and between coasts, and between the maritime and onshore worlds of Southeast Asia from the 5th to 19th centuries.

This panel may be viewed as either regional or border-crossing, as the topic inherently deals with forms of long-distance exchange and interaction. Panelists will restrict presentations to 20 minutes in order to foster discussion of potentially innovative topics, methodological challenges and new approaches to sources.

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