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Rethinking, Questioning and Reformulating the Notion of Assessment in Foreign Language Teaching - Sponsored by The Council of Teachers of Southeast Asian Languages (COTSEAL)

Sun, April 3, 10:45am to 12:45pm, Washington State Convention Center, Floor: 6th Floor, Room 620

Session Submission Type: Organized Panel


Mastery of foreign language(s) plays an integral part in the success of academic research. The field of language teaching, therefore, has played an important role in all fields. Much has been
done in creating teaching materials and improving methodology. However, equally crucial is the comprehensive assessment of the effectiveness of the teaching-learning process. In recent years, traditional ways of assessment has been constantly analyzed, questioned, dismantled and, as a result, modified and improved.

The four presentations in this panel will comprehensively address important issues of assessment in language teaching from four different perspectives. The first paper will examine current trends in listening comprehension assessment, as well as to suggest the need to differentiate between testing as assessing and how such differentiation will have an impact on the desired outcome. The second paper will discuss the issues of intake, on-going and final assessment in the case of teaching pronunciation and listening, particularly in the context of hybrid and online settings. The third paper will highlight how formative assessment techniques can influence teaching strategies, and how it is beneficial to students’ success. Lastly, the fourth paper will provide a comprehensive comparative analysis of the blended classroom, including choice of material, as well as a discussion of connectivity issues both in traditional and online settings.

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