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Transmission, Adaptation and Transformation of Traditional Artistic Practices in Southeast Asia

Sun, April 3, 8:30 to 10:30am, Washington State Convention Center, 3rd Floor, Room 305

Session Submission Type: Organized Panel


This panel explores various aspects related to the transmission, adaptation, and transformation of traditional music and dance in post-colonial and modern Southeast Asia. The speakers present multi-disciplinal perspectives of ethnomusicology, music education and dance performance on issues pertaining to alternative pedagogy, musical orality versus literacy, as well as creative appropriation. As anchor, Ramon Santos provides a broad vista on the current state of teaching and learning traditional performing arts in Southeast Asia in his paper entitled Transmission, pedagogy and education: a critical study of Southeast Asian traditional music cultures in post-colonial and post-modern times in the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia. The remaining speakers will focus on the Philippine setting. Verne de la Pena's paper entitled Crossing borders – the migration of the Philippine kulintang tradition provides an account of the transformation of kulintang music from Mindanao to an emblem of Filipino identity outside Southern Philippines, highlighting the role of culture bearers who have developed kulintang pedagogy non-MIndanaon students in the academe. Indigenous Funds of Knowledge, Hybridity, and Identity In Bandurria Master-Apprentice Music Education will be presented by Jocelyn Timbol-Guadalupe wherein she investigates the informal transmission of rondalla performance existing in communities in the form of apprenticeship. Finally, Angela L. Baguilat describes how contemporary creation can function as a means for the transmission of traditional dance forms. In her paper entitled Na-Salapuan: A Philippine Traditional Dance Rendered in a Contemporary Form, she discusses the creative process that transpired in a specific contemporary dance production that involved field research.

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