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Transformation and Integration of Pop Art in Shanghai during Late Qing and Early Republic of China Periods

Wed, June 24, 11:05am to 1:00pm, South Building, Floor: 7th Floor, S702

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Shanghai, perhaps the most representative port city in China, quickly prospered during the Late Qing and Early Republic of China (ROC) periods, and with prosperity emerged a citizen class, urban taste and pop art. The formation, transformation and integration of the new type of pop art precisely reflected the character of culture and zeitgeist of that great change. Shanghai pop art acquired a reputation as the cutting edge of art in China, and a great influence to the rest of the country. Today, a century later, contemporary Shanghai is again setting trends as China again undergoes radical transformation. Our panel will take a comprehensive look at the historical and cultural influence upon pop art during this specific period through the analysis of the art patterns from four different angles related to the process of change and mix. The four topics include: the change of imagery style from the Chinese traditional wood block art to modern print and pictorial media brought about by the adoption of new techniques of lithography and the influence of western models and concepts; the formation of a regional genre of arts and crafts of "Shanghai Style" under the influences of both commerce and culture; the remarkable role that the Shanghai courtesan has played in the process of creating and leading fashion trends by integrating traditional customs and western fashion elements through their lifestyle tastes and fashion style; and the study of caricature in early ROC as a window to showcase the scenery of Shanghai modernity.

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