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Tethered Subjectivities and Human Trafficking in These Migratory Times

Sat, June 24, 10:00am to 12:00pm, LG-Posco Hall, Floor: 4th Floor, 432

Session Submission Type: Organized Panel Proposal Application


Tethered subjectivities encompass immigrants who are legally, socially and politically bound to dualities of victim/criminal, illegal/legal, and citizen/noncitizen. Taken as a whole, our panel unpacks each of these dualities. We begin by tracking cases and movements of Asian migrants from across the US to Southeast Asia. Methodologically, panelists altogether will proceed in examining how human trafficking cases discursively circulate in the media and in the law shapes dominant perceptions of Asian victimhood and criminality – these imaginings are racialized and gendered, reifying the nation-state as the response to human rights violations. Moreover, we together look at cases of filmmaking as action research and public pedagogy and south-south rescensions among various migrants groups regarding their/our conditions of displacement. In this manner, we hope to model for and together with the audience how to analyze the capillary relations in migrations, while at the same time cross-interrogating some core assumptions regarding rights, migration patterns, conceptions of citizenship, and solidarities.

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