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Border Crossings, (Non-) Citizenship, and Rights

Sun, June 25, 9:00 to 10:50am, Hyundai Motor Hall, Floor: B2 Level, B206

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This panel traverses historical time and contemporary makings of citizenship or lack of citizenship with regard to border crossings. We are interested in the formation of the idea of "foreigner citizen" and establishment or elimination of rights (economic, social, cultural, and human) in both Southeast Asia and East Asia. In the contemporary, border crossings by peoples are incubated by neoliberal expansions of the demand for cheap migrant labor. In Thailand the making of the modern citizen was forged out of legal constructions of governmentality based on nationalized Siamese subjects in contradistinction to foreign "westerner" subjects within Siam's territories. In the contemporary Vietnam state, civic duties in the 2016 electoral participation has become a technique of governmentality, garnering a politics of rights and duties that has spread to the borderlands of China and Vietnam. The case of Vietnamese marriage migrants in Taiwan demonstrates an assimilationist logic and bio-political policies, which are interesting contrast against the cases of the Thai migrant workers in South Korea's small medium enterprises demand for cheap labor. Southeast migrants in developing East Asia has become a question of marriage or work. Foreigner subjects in Siam, a Vietnamese polity of workers and trafficked women along the borderlands of China, Thai migrant workers in Korea, and Vietnamese marriage migrants in Taiwan-- together these papers helps us understand the contradictions of border-crossings and the making of the (Non-) citizen under frameworks of conditional rights.

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