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The Art of Connecting: From Personal to Global

The 38th Annual American Art Therapy Association Conference will be held in Albuquerque, New Mexico on November 14- 18, 2007. The theme, The Art of Connecting: From Personal to Global is designed for presenters to reflect on how we connect with our clients, colleagues and others as we develop relationships, experience world events and use a variety of art media and tools and modern technology. Research and access to professional journals can now be done through the Internet. Working with clients and attending conferences, via video- conferencing is now being pioneered on the Internet. Any of these topics would be welcomed in a proposal for 2007.

Proposals for this conference will only be accepted via this website. The deadline for the proposals is March 25, 2007. An email will be sent to confirm your submission. Please update your email information during the year, as this is how the Conference Committee will be contacting you, especially during the summer before the conference.

Failure to follow guidelines and/or the deadline will result in automatic disqualification. Please do not send in duplicate proposals of the same title for workshops and Advanced Practice Courses. Do not send in paper proposals, they will not be accepted.
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