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ACR 2020

October 1-4, 2020 Paris, France


Our theme for ACR 2020 in Paris is “Rendez-Vous in the City of Light”. Paris, the City of Light, is known as a place embracing the values of the Enlightenment, the age of reason, deep thinking, and rational thought. Together with the term “rendez-vous” which translates to “appointment” in English, our hope is that ACR 2020 will be an opportunity for scholars with different methodological approaches, paradigm perspectives, and research interests to come together to focus on consumer research related questions. In accordance with this theme, we strongly encourage knowledge forums and special sessions that embody the spirit of integrating multiple perspectives. Thus, we welcome multi-method/multi-paradigmatic approaches to submissions that speak specifically to a particular topic. As examples, topics could include:

·       Gift-Giving

o   A forum discussion including gift-giving scholars from economics, psychology, and sociology to debate unanswered questions;

·       Identity

o   A special session exploring how identity is defined and examined using different theoretical lenses;

·       Language

o   A workshop bringing together psycholinguists and sociolinguists to examine theoretical overlaps;

·       Methodology

o   A tutorial with scholars who have successfully published multi-method articles encouraging participants to embrace methodological triangulation;

·       Obesity

o   A topical forum allowing for discussion of how different methodological approaches from experimental, to qualitative, to quantitative can be combined to understand the obesity epidemic.

·       Technology

o   A panel, special session, or forum that considers the impact of technology on consumption (markets and shopping), domestic life (IoT in the home and on the bodies of consumers), and civil participation (political debate, governmental participation, social movements, and voting).


These are just a few suggestions designed to spark our members’ own creative ideas for designing collaborative and novel knowledge forums and special sessions for coming together in the City of Light. Of course, traditional competitive and working papers as well as the Film Festival will be part of ACR 2020.


We look forward to welcoming you to Paris!

Hope, Jen & Tina

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