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85th Annual Session & Exhibition<br>Dallas, Texas<br>March 29 - April 2, 2008
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With its 85th Annual Session and Exhibition in 2008 the leaders of the American Dental Education Association have decided to face head on questions of the effectiveness of the dental education curricula. It is vital to the profession that we ask ourselves . . .
  1. How can our understanding of the millennial learner help us improve our teaching?
  2. How do technology's developments affect the way we deliver the curriculum?
  3. How can we effect or take advantage of demographic changes in both the faculty and the entering classes to improve our teaching?
  4. How can dental education recruit faculty of the future and prepare them to be effective and innovative in the classroom?
  5. How do our research interests inform the way we modify the curriculum?

The ADEA Annual Session Planning Committee invites you to answer these questions by responding to the Call for Programs and Posters for the 85th ADEA Annual Session.

To view the complete call for proposal, including proposal criteria and factors affecting selection, please click here.

The submission deadline is July 16, 2007.

Poster Submission deadline is September 4, 2007
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