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Learner Analysis and Semiotics: Toward Deeper Interdisciplinary Change and Higher Online Learner Outcomes

Fri, Nov 10, 11:45am to 12:45pm, 3rd Level, Conf Center A

Short Description

This learner analysis study, grounded in semiotics theory, learning research, and professional standards, documents how two instructional designers used semiotic theory to undergird research on learner analysis. The concern of the researchers was that the prevalent analyses of student comprehension and retention largely revolved around the analyses of interactivities, technologies, and communities of learning (Friedman & Friedman, 2013; Russell, 1999; Ramage, 2001; Tucker, 2000; Zhao, Lei, Yan, Lai, Tan, 2005), but there was a paucity of research on other factors that could affect student learning and retention, such as cultural factors. This study sought to explore interdisciplinary studies for insights into which factors may facilitate student learning and retention in online courses.


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