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Reading in the Post-PC Era: Students’ Comprehension of Interactive E-Books

Fri, April 4, 12:25 to 1:55pm, Marriott, Floor: Fifth Level, Grand Ballroom I


Multi-Touch devices and tablet computers allow readers to interact with text in new and innovative ways. However, reading comprehension research with multi-touch devices is still in its infancy and students will need to adapt new reading strategies in order to maximize their learning in this environment. By studying and observing a variety of readers at a variety of levels, certain trends have emerged that require action and exploration by all persons who teach with, or are involved with digital devices in the Post-PC era. In conjunction with TPCK and the SAMR model, this presentation will highlight this shift in digital reading by demonstrating how teachers and researchers can apply the model as well as what research-based comprehension issues may arise.