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Examining Educative Experiences: Critically Reading Teacher Education Practices in a Public Homeplace

Sun, April 6, 4:05 to 5:35pm, Convention Center, Floor: 200 Level, Hall E


A group of female K12 teachers and teacher educators conducted a self-study of their professional pedagogy in a “public homeplace” with the guiding question of: “Why do I make the decisions and choices that I make in my teaching?” Through discourse and acting as “critical friends,” the individuals analyzed their experiences as texts to be interpreted and understood in new ways. Findings demonstrate: 1) professional tensions and decisions were rooted in personal experiences; 2) individual stories about decisions became engaging texts open to multiple interpretations; 3) periods of personal uncertainty or “wobble” pushed each person to search for answers and to see difficult or challenging incidents as “critical events” producing the deepest growth.