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"Maybe You Disagree—Most Boys Don't": Teaching Gender in the Age of "Not All Men!"

Sat, April 18, 2:45 to 4:15pm, Hyatt, Floor: East Tower - Purple Level, Riverside West


How is it possible for people to engage in good faith in discussions about misogyny and privilege while simultaneously enacting sexist discursive tactics? Queer and trans* theory offer one answer: It is not enough to learn about gender, misogyny, and transphobia; we must also interrogate our own behaviors. Too often, curricular efforts to address gender-related issues stop short of the reflective self-critique necessary for social transformation.
This paper describes one effort to support learners in precisely this reflective self-critique. Drawing on dissertation research in an elementary school classroom, I describe my effort to target three problematic discursive positions, evident in the classroom and reflective of broader culture, through a transmedia-focused curriculum emphasizing a queer/trans*theoretical approach to gender and identity.