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Teachers' Attitudes Toward Evidence-Based Practice: The Role of Access to Research Resources and Self-Concept About Understanding Research

Mon, April 20, 8:15 to 9:45am, Marriott, Floor: Tenth Level, O'Hare


In this study, we addressed two research questions about mathematics teachers’ attitudes towards reading and using educational research for evidence-based practice: 1) How much variance in teachers’ attitudes can be explained at the individual level and at the school level? 2) Can teachers’ attitudes be predicted by their access to research resources and self-concept concerning research methods and statistics? To answer these questions, we used teacher data from the field trial (N=674) and the main study (N=2549) of PISA 2012 in Germany. Findings, first, show that school level variables play a less important role than suggested by theory. Second, better individual access to research and a higher self-concept about research methods and statistics predicted more favorable attitudes towards evidence-based practice.