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Perspectives of International Students Performing Service-Learning in the United States: A Case Study With Amizade

Thu, April 16, 12:00 to 1:30pm, Sheraton, Floor: Fourth Level, Chicago VI&VII


Past research demonstrated consequences of service-learning on students and community members in a domestic setting or internationally in a developing country. However, little research has examined international students’ perspectives on doing service-learning in a developed country. This qualitative study employs Cone and Harris’ (1996) conceptual framework of service-learning to examine interpersonal, socio-cultural, and psychological components of Irish students doing service learning in the United States. Data were collected using focus groups and personal interviews with students, interviews with adult youth workers, and audio recorded reflection sessions. Results indicated international service-learning in a developed country positively influenced students’ relationship development, leadership, behavior, and tolerance. Students also dispelled stereotypes and subsequently partook in and planned future altruistic endeavors.