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Health Information Employer, Employee, and Student Level of Importance of Employability Skills and Actual Competencies Needed to Succeed in the 21st Century

Thu, April 16, 12:00 to 1:30pm, Sheraton, Floor: Fourth Level, Chicago VI&VII


This study investigates health information employer, employee and health information student assessments of the importance and actual competence of new employees in the area of employability competencies needed to succeed in the 21st century within the health care industry. The study will contrast health information student, employer and employee attitudes with regard to the level of importance and level of competence for identified employability skills: (1) communication, (2) teamwork, (3) interpersonal, (4) problem-solving, and (5) information technology. New Employee commitment with professional development was also evaluated. All three groups rate the importance of those skills highly, as well as the level of competence need. All three groups felt that the new employee has a commitment with professional development.