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The AERA Critical Issues in Curriculum and Cultural Studies SIG 1970–1995: Three Curriculum Shifts

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The purpose of this synoptic rendering is to advance historical understandings of the AERA Special Interest Group on Critical Issues in Cultural and Curriculum Studies abbreviated here as the CIC&CS. Using curriculum studies archival collections, this synoptic rendering traces the CIC&CS’s history through its first twenty five-years from 1970 through 1995. Demonstrating the group’s reflective and constitutive influences on curriculum studies, this synoptic rendering analyzes archival documents and secondary resources in recounting the CIC&CS’s history. Findings from these analyses narrate the CIC&CS’s pivotal role in reflecting and constituting three shifts in curriculum studies currently understood, broadly speaking, as curriculum studies’ reconceptualization. Overall, this synoptic rendering advances historical understandings of curriculum studies’ past to contextualize work in the next moment.