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Social Scholars: Teaching and Research Practices in Social-Mediated Environments

Mon, April 20, 2:15 to 3:45pm, Hyatt, Floor: West Tower - Bronze Level, Buckingham


Recent articles in AERA's Educational Researcher call for a stronger research focus on learning with ‘everyday technologies’ and the changing nature of scholars’ practices in light of technological advancements. This paper answers this call, presenting findings from a study of whether, how, and why educational researchers integrate social media in research and teaching activities, with what purposes and concerns. Results from surveys and interviews indicate the majority use social media in teaching and research, but limit use to four types, and the type and regularity of social media used differ based on purposes and role, with graduate students using social media for more tasks, more often. Insights generated will appeal to those interested in research and instruction in social-mediated environments.