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Mathematics Learning as Changing Discourse: The Case of Geometric Transformations

Thu, April 16, 12:00 to 1:30pm, Sheraton, Floor: Fourth Level, Chicago VI&VII


Discourse is a powerful tool to capture evidence of mathematics learning, as mathematics can be conceptualized as a form of discourse. This study aims to capture evidence of learning on geometric transformations by examining preservice teachers’ discourses. The presented analysis shown that word use shifted from operational word use to structure word use in preservice teachers’ discourses. In addition, the changes in structure word use revealed that preservice teachers’ discourses were richer at the post-interview. The result of the analysis indicated that preservice teachers learned more mathematically sophisticated ways to communicate geometric transformations.This study serves as an example of using discourse to examine learning, and it also provides a method to capture evidence of learning in terms of discourse development.