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How Are Teachers Concerned About Harnessing EduVenture in Outdoor Inquiry Learning?

Sat, April 18, 2:45 to 4:15pm, Hyatt, Floor: East Tower - Purple Level, Riverside West


Our work is set against the backdrop of the pervasive discussion of harnessing mobile technology to provide students with new constructivist learning opportunities. In this paper, we discuss our mobile learning initiative, EduVenture, a GPS-based context-aware outdoor inquiry learning system supporting outdoor fieldtrip activities. Apart from presenting the pedagogical features of EduVenture, we discuss our study on investigating teachers’ concerns about this educational innovation with the Stages of Concern (SoC) model. With this “diagnostic” knowledge, we can formulate more precise interventions addressing teachers’ actual needs so as to assist them in adopting EduVenture in outdoor inquiry learning. The findings also shed light on designing mobile learning systems to support learning and teaching in school education.