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Applying Computerized Collaboration Scripts to Multitouch Enhanced Collaborative Design-Based Learning in Elementary Classrooms

Fri, April 17, 4:05 to 5:35pm, Hyatt, Floor: East Tower - Purple Level, Riverside West


This study examined whether applying collaboration scripts fosters elementary students’ collaborative skills and teamwork performance in multi-touch enhanced collaborative design-based learning. Four intact fifth-grade classes (77 students) participated in this study and were arranged into the scripted group and unscripted group. Students worked in teams to accomplish a design project as they went through the design processes, in which the scripted group were provided with the scripts on the multi-touch platform for each design phase, whereas the unscripted group used a generic interface of platform. The comparisons of collaborative skills and teamwork performance revealed that the scripted group achieved better performance than the unscripted group.