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1 - From Classrooms to Outer Space via Public Policies: Renowned Intellectuals and Leaders Articulate Opportunities and Challenges - Interactive Town Hall Session

Fri, April 17, 12:25 to 1:55pm, Hyatt, Floor: East Tower - Gold Level, Grand CDEF

Session Type: Invited Speaker Session


Given small participation rates in the USA and England where select demographic groups – racial, women, and religious minorities – are consistently underrepresented in STEM professions, our Presidential Panel taps the expertise of renowned scientists to posit modes to increase representation. They are the public faces of science and convey its significance to the American President, British Prime Minister, Congress, Parliament, and education researchers and policymakers. Each presents aspects of their careers and focus on continuing research and public policy engagements in science and education. Since the luminaries are from different countries, international perspectives are voiced. This format is similar to panels witnessed on CSPAN where presentations are voiced and audience interactions occur. All the speakers present extensively on various media.

The eminent professionals are Dr. S. James (Jim) Gates, Jr., Dr. Shirley Malcom, and Dr. Michael Reiss.

Dr. Gates, recipient of the National Medal of Science – the highest public scientific award in the United States – is the University of Maryland Board of Regents University Professor (only the 9th in the University’s history), is on President Obama's National Science and Advisory Council. While serving as a Distinguished Professor of Physics and Director of the Center for String and Particle Theory, he has been named as one of the Nation’s Top 50 Scientist and is frequently interviewed by media.

Dr. Malcom, head of Education and Human Resources Programs at the American Association for Advancement of Science (AAAS), works to increase access to education and careers in STEM fields and to enhance public science literacy. Dr. Malcom is a trustee of Caltech, a member of the SUNY Research Council, and former member of the National Science Board of the National Science Foundation and served on American Presidential Committees on Science and Technology.

Dr. Reiss, Professor of Science Education and immediate former Pro-Director/Vice President for Research at the Institute of Education – University College London is the former Director of Education at the Royal Society and is currently President of the International Society for Science and Religion. Professor Reiss’ research focuses on science education, bioethics, and sex education. He has particular interest in issues dealing with social justice and is currently a special advisor to the House of Commons Education Committee.

The panel is chaired by Dr. Beverly Lindsay, Visiting Professor – University College London, Institute of Education, London, and recipient of multiple Fulbright Fellowships and National Science Foundation (NSF) grants, a Fellow of the AAAS, and member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

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