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1 - A Giant Step Toward Justice in Conducting Education Research and Praxis: The Call for Integrated Study and Research Teams - Interactive Town Hall Session

Fri, April 17, 10:35am to 12:05pm, Hyatt, Floor: West Tower - Gold Level, Regency C

Session Type: Invited Speaker Session


A review of Education Journals indicates that research on race, on gender, on class, on language, on race and class and gender, etc. have increased. However, little of this research is conducted by cross-/inter-cultural research teams and, as a result, much of it fails to consider cross-/inter-cultural factors. Education research is filled with policy, curriculum, school and community studies that would benefit from cross-/inter-cultural research.
The country’s changing demographics show great need for cross -/inter-cultural communication. Thus, researchers need to be prepared to conduct cross-/inter-cultural research and graduate students need to be mentored with this philosophy in mind. However, graduate students do not usually participate/conduct research using a cross-/inter-cultural focus that takes into account multiple groups’ perspectives. The aim of this presidential session is to engage in discussions that will lead to an increase in cross-/intercultural research in education and the social sciences.

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