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1 - Social and Emotional Learning Research: 20 Years and Beyond

Sat, April 18, 8:15 to 9:45am, Hyatt, Floor: West Tower - Gold Level, Toronto

Session Type: Invited Speaker Session


Research and policy interest in social and emotional learning has increased during the past two decades, both in the United States and other countries. This research includes:

• how ecological factors, including culture, race, class and adverse childhood experiences, affect social-emotional development;
• the impacts that social and emotional learning and competencies has on teaching, learning, and social competence
• how policies, programs and practices affect to development, amplification, and attenuation of social and emotional

This symposium will bring together distinguished researchers and current and former superintendents from Austin, Texas and Oakland, California to address the evolution of SEL research and practice and its implications for addressing educational inequities. While doing so presenters will discuss the implications of cultural diversity for SEL research and practice and the implications of SEL research for improving educational and life outcomes for disadvantaged children and youth. Presenters and discussants will also discuss (1) the implications of these developments for education and research policy as well and (2) directions for future research.

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