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1 - Breaking the Silence: Unprecedented Deportations and Undocumented Status Across Contexts of Teaching and Learning

Sun, April 19, 2:15 to 3:45pm, Marriott, Floor: Sixth Level, Lincolnshire

Session Type: Symposium


As teacher education programs increasingly focus on effective teaching for “diverse” learners, immigrant students are often understood through lenses of linguistic or cultural difference. Yet in a climate of strong anti-immigrant sentiment and unprecedented deportations (Lopez et al., 2011), teachers are rarely prepared to navigate the ever-pressing realities of immigration experiences for the 5.5 million students from undocumented families (Chaundry et al., 2010). This symposium brings together an array of qualitative studies situated across geographic locations, schooling levels, and participant perspectives to help break the silence regarding documentation status in teaching and learning. We explore the possibilities and tensions of better supporting teachers to engage with immigration as its own axis of difference to advance justice-based pedagogies for immigrant students.

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