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35.029 - Learning as Transformation: Examining How Youth Author New Learning Pathways/Ecologies in Science, Engineering, and Technology

Fri, April 17, 4:05 to 5:35pm, Sheraton, Floor: Second Level, Superior A

Session Type: Symposium


This symposium brings together a set of papers focused on science, engineering & technology learning across formal and informal ecologies and over time, with a particular focus on “learning as transformation.” We use the metaphor of “learning as transformation” to focus our conceptual and empirical attention on how youth are constantly re-authoring and re-purposing their identities and practices as they author pathways into/through science/engineering /technology and engage more deeply in problems that matter most to them. Drawing from socio-cultural perspectives on learning and critical orientations to equity and justice, the papers in this session examine the multiple forms learning as transformation takes for youth as well as understanding the tools and strategies that support this movement and transformation.

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