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The Invisible Revolving Door: The Issue of Teacher Attrition in English Language Development Classrooms in Arizona

Tue, April 12, 8:15 to 10:15am, Convention Center, Floor: Level Two, Room 209 C


The most restrictive language policy context in the United States, Arizona’s monolingual and prescriptive approach to teaching English learners continues to capture international attention. Five school years removed from the initial implementation, this study aimed to understand the complexities of Arizona language policy and practice in classrooms and communities across the state, using the perspectives and experiences of 26 individuals engaged in the policy work. This paper hones in on the pertinent issue of teacher attrition, which was recognized as the central challenge at the local level, but ignored at state education and government levels. Implications target Arizona stakeholders as they consider directions to improve education for English learners, particularly focused on placing and retaining quality teachers.