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Participatory Making: Co-Constructing a Common Ground One Utterance at a Time

Sun, April 10, 8:15 to 9:45am, Convention Center, Floor: Level Two, Exhibit Hall D


Youth makerspaces with participants of diverse sociocultural backgrounds are burgeoning. To harness the opportunities of the diversity for broadening participation, there is a need to identify equitable facilitation of making that builds on the youths approaches. In collaborative, or participatory making, along with the hands-on action, talk is a facilitation technique that can impact the co-construction of a common ground for decision making. This paper represents a discourse analysis of how participation and a common ground for decision making was co-constructed in an interview and a picture sorting activity with library makerspace members. Findings include that activities correspond to particular participation frameworks that can rapidly switch, and new, hybrid activities can emerge through speech, suggesting spoken ways for broadening participation.