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Maybe a Maker Space? How an Out-of-School Center Engaged in Organizational Learning Around Maker Education

Tue, April 12, 10:35am to 12:05pm, Convention Center, Floor: Level Three, Ballroom A


Even as large investments are being made to spread maker education, there is little understanding of what organizations that are the intended targets of such investments experience and learn as they develop new maker educational programs. Using the framework of Expansive Learning (Engeström & Sannino, 2010) that focuses on organizational learning processes resulting in new forms of activity this paper presents a case study of a community organization that engaged in an 18-month learning process to create its own maker space. Findings show that processes of expansive learning around maker education by organizations rooted in non-dominant communities can act as sites of critique and, potentially, reformulation of maker culture in ways that address issues of broadening participation and increasing equity.