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Formative Assessment in the Age of Accountability: Practitioner Perspectives on a Statewide Kindergarten Entry Assessment

Sat, April 9, 4:05 to 6:05pm, Marriott Marquis, Floor: Level Two, Marquis Salon 4


In 2014, a new statewide kindergarten entry formative assessment (KEA) was piloted. Researchers conducted eight pilot school case studies to gather feedback that would inform changes to the KEA content and structure, and identify additional training and resources needed to support eventual statewide implementation. Through grounded discourse analysis of qualitative observation, survey, and interview data, the researchers discovered that practitioners’ primary feedback had little to do with the content or structure of the assessment itself. Instead, researchers found that teachers and administrators primary concerns were with their ability to implement a formative, whole-child focused assessment in the current testing and accountability climate. This has strong implications regarding early childhood education policy, assessment, and instructional practice.


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