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Strategies for Promoting and Studying Equity in Design-Oriented Research-Practice Partnerships

Sat, April 9, 4:05 to 5:35pm, Convention Center, Floor: Level One, Room 102 B

Session Type: Structured Poster Session


In the learning sciences, scholars have formed research-practice partnerships (RPPs) organized around the collaborative design and investigation of strategies for supporting and linking learning (Coburn, Penuel, & Geil, 2013). A defining characteristic of these partnerships is mutualism, and many focused on re-organizing learning in and across settings to promote equity of access to valued learning opportunities. Accomplishing both aims presents challenges to partnerships, however. In this structured poster session, researchers, educators, and youth from a range of partnerships will present their strategies for promoting and studying equity in RPPs. Emphasis is on the specific processes, tools, routines, and governance structures for organizing partnerships and on research methodologies for identifying relevant historical inequities, monitoring equity in design, and documenting equity in learning.

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