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Toward Necessarily Complex Research of Queer and Trans Youth Resistance and Survival

Sun, April 10, 2:45 to 4:15pm, Convention Center, Floor: Level Two, Exhibit Hall D Section D

Session Type: Roundtable Session


This symposium session explores new research documenting and critically analyzing the lived experiences of queer and trans youth and the strategies they employ to ensure their survival within a rigid, racist and heteropatriarchial world. While much of the current literature exploring the lived experiences of queer and trans youth focuses on the traumatic realities of youth life, the papers presented within this symposium seek to challenge the victimizing positioning of queer and trans youth by confronting the question: How do queer and trans youth survive, resist or thrive? And, moreover, how can research/ers offer continually and necessarily complex accounts of youth lives and experiences with survival?

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