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Border Crossings and Ethical Praxis: Global Educational Pursuits Within and Across Cultures

Sat, April 9, 2:15 to 3:45pm, Convention Center, Floor: Level One, Room 154 A

Session Type: WERA Symposium


This symposium is intended to spur discussions of the ethics involved in educational research endeavors within and across cultures. The presentations delve into the tensions arising as scholars explore issues related social justice and transformative education where global pursuits clash with local ethical considerations. The presenters identify how epistemologies related to social justice, empowerment, socio-environmental pedagogies, collaboration, intellectual property considerations and aspirations of global citizenship and cosmopolitanism may not fit with the histories, values, and cultural practices of the groups that educators may be vying to support. The presentations together with the comments by the discussant (a leading indigenous researcher) will highlight the multilayered, complex and tricky nature of ethically researching or pursuing educational advances across borders.

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