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Reexamining the Language Rights Debate: Historical, Global, and Contemporary Perspectives

Sat, April 9, 12:25 to 1:55pm, Marriott Marquis, Floor: Level Two, Marquis Salon 16

Session Type: Symposium


In this research panel, we revisit debates surrounding the Students’ Rights to Their Own Language resolution (STROL) by situating it within historical and contemporary educational contexts. Despite the collective push of scholars and practitioners, such as the members of the Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC), who passed SRTOL in 1974 (see also Kinloch, 2010; Perryman-Clark, Kirkland, & Jackson, 2014), the practical and contemporary impact of both the resolution and the movement remains relatively underexamined. The goal of this panel is to re-center the importance of language rights, especially for culturally and linguistically diverse people, in the contemporary moment.

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