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Animating the Boundaries of Curriculum: Intersectional Disruptions of Space, Time, Culture, and Dispossession

Sat, April 9, 2:15 to 3:45pm, Marriott Marquis, Floor: Level Four, Liberty Salon M

Session Type: Invited Speaker Session


To animate is to bring to life; to agitate the soul; to instil movement; to expand. This invited section seeks to animate the boundaries that delimit the meanings of curriculum by exploring what curriculum does within and across spaces and times defined by marginalization and dispossession. Panellists will critically consider what emerges from sites of political struggles, whether within or without schools and the subjectivities produced. How are differently embodied subjects engaged in the work of curriculum? What intersecting categories of the human remain or are imagined as educable in these spaces? As scholars whose praxis engages with youth in different geopolitical contexts, panelists will invite creative engagement with these questions from youths, followed by art responses from discussants.

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