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Graduate Student Council Fireside Chat: Hip-Hop Theories, Praxis, and Pedagogies

Sat, April 9, 10:35am to 12:05pm, Convention Center, Floor: Level One, Room 140 AB

Session Type: Invited Speaker Session


Two years ago, the panelists submitted a petition to establish an AERA Special Interest Group (SIG) titled “Hip Hop Theories, Praxis, and Pedagogies”. On July 24, 2015, the AERA Executive Committee approved the petition for a new SIG-in-Formation. The purpose of this session is to present the individual work of each SIG officer as well as discuss the professionalization of Hip Hop pedagogy as a field of educational research. The papers are “Imagining Mattering: Hip Hop Civs Ed, Intersectionality, and Black Joy” (Love); “Festival Hopping with Run The Jewels: Contemporizing Race Relations in Hip Hop Pedagogical Performance” (Wilson); “Towards a Framework for the 6th Element: Reality Pedagogy for #HipHopEd(ucators)“ (Emdin); and “Black Girl Genius” (Brown).

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