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Graduate Student Council Fireside Chat: Get Your Work Published! Advice From Emerging Scholars on the Writing Process

Mon, April 11, 2:45 to 4:15pm, Convention Center, Floor: Level One, Room 140 AB

Session Type: Invited Speaker Session


In this interactive working session, beginning and advanced doctoral students will learn about writing for publication from emerging scholars at different stages of the tenure process. The topics of this session will include: finding grants to support your writing, successfully navigating co-authorship, selecting the right journal, and giving and receiving feedback on your writing.
As part of this session, advanced students may participate in a Critical Friendship Group session where they will learn how to give and receive feedback using structured protocols from the School Reform Initiative. If you are interested in receiving feedback on your work while in this group, please bring 8 copies of a manuscript or paper in progress to share.

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