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Division G Graduate Student Mentoring Event. Scholarship by and for the People: Engaging in Grassroots Change for Democratic Education—Closed Session

Fri, April 8, 8:00am to 12:00pm, Convention Center, Floor: Level Two, Room 202 A

Session Type: Mentoring Session


The Division G Mentoring Pre-conference Program (MPP) has the goal of providing mentoring and professional development to graduate students committed to building themselves as scholars committed to social justice. The focus of this year’s pre-conference event will be on engaging in grassroots change for democratic education. Breakout sessions of this MPP will include:(1) Negotiating scholar-activism as an academic, (2) Developing and fostering community partnerships for educational justice, (3) Writing grassroots change? Getting published and (4) Connecting scholarship to justice movements. What strategies can scholars employ in blending activism with scholarship, to bolster voices of marginalized populations? How do we ensure that our research reflects work with communities, rather than about communities?

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