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How Much Testing and for What Purpose? Public Scholarship in the Debate About Educational Assessment and Accountability

Tue, April 12, 10:35am to 12:05pm, Convention Center, Floor: Level Three, Ballroom C

Session Type: Invited Speaker Session


An unprecedented number of tests, often with high stakes for students, teachers and schools, has been driven by decades of policy. American students spend considerable school time taking and preparing for standardized tests. The US is not alone, as international educators, scholars, and policymakers wrestle with similar questions. Session participants will respond to the questions and concerns that students, parents, teachers, and other diverse stakeholders have raised in the public debate on testing. How much testing is appropriate? Who should be tested, how frequently, and on what content? How should the results of these tests be used? Crowdsourced questions will inform this session, with discussion starting months prior to AERA, tagged with #HowMuchTesting. Participants will also consider the role and impact of research in a policy arena so infused with politics and ideology.

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