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Public Scholarship to Inform Equity and New Accountability: The Iterative Relationship Between Research and Policy

Mon, April 11, 7:45 to 9:45am, Convention Center, Floor: Level Three, Ballroom C

Session Type: Invited Speaker Session


This session will examine the iterative relationship between research and policy. We begin with a case from California: a pioneering set of teacher investments based on a decade-long research and outreach effort. We then turn to the national level where, building in part on California’s new local control funding formula and research on innovations in other states, researchers, practitioners, policymakers and advocates designed a set of principles for a new accountability system that has made its way both into ESSA and the emerging accountability systems of numerous states.

The session will have two parts with audience engagement in between. It will involve researchers, advocates, and policymakers at the state and Federal level.

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