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Implications of Common Core State Standards for the Field of Early Childhood Education

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The study explored ECE professionals’ perspectives on the implications of Common Core Sate Standards (CCSS) for ECE. A qualitative design with purposive sampling procedure was adopted to select 15 participants (college faculty, administrators, and teachers). A semi-structured interview was conducted and date analysis used the “constant comparison” method. Participants shared: (a) CCSS lacks a holistic approach; (b) there is lack of adequate training in CCSS for teachers in K-12, especially in low income communities; (c) involvement in CCSS is relevant for preschool programs; however, there was a difference in opinion regarding preschool teacher training requirements. The study bears significance for researchers, ECE practitioners, and policymakers in terms of involvement of ECE professionals in CCSS-related discussions/evaluations, policy formulations, and research studies.