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14.031 - What Do We Know About the Promise of Teacher Residencies for Quality Educator Preparation?

Thu, April 27, 12:00 to 1:30pm, Grand Hyatt San Antonio, Floor: Second Floor, Lone Star Ballroom Salon A

Session Type: Symposium


Over the past decade, residencies have grown in number in response to hiring needs in hard-to-staff regional areas (urban and rural) and subject areas (e.g., special education, mathematics, science). School districts partner with local teacher preparation programs to recruit the teachers that local districts know they will need early and before they are prepared so that they can then prepare the teachers to excel and remain in these contexts. When used in this deliberative manner, teacher residencies address a crucial recruitment need while also building the capacity of the districts to offer high-quality instruction to the students they serve. This symposium provides an overview and deep dive into the design, implementation, and effectiveness of teacher residencies.

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