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Action Research (AR) Next Level—Mixed Methods Mayhem—Teacher AR Creation—Poetry Performance Pedagogical Praxis

Sat, April 14, 10:35am to 12:05pm, Crown Plaza Times Square, Floor: Fifth Floor, Room 509/510


Like a fruit ripened rhizome
Action Research (AR) in the Zone
Grown from long roots of iterative innovations
This is presentation-meets-performance-meets-novel-creation
Legitimate Peripheral Participation
This is the living nature of the next level AR station.
Built on prose, poems, and practice in the streets
Woven like meta-dub-step beats
Celebrating together these glorious feats
Questioning form, function, and textuality
Nuevo authorship centripetal reality
Pushing boundaries of the Academic AR
Words to motion to action to pages go far
This is performed to be seen
Questioning self-inflected memes
The nature of next level change
Join us for poetic performance-connectivity
A Pedagogy of Action Research praxis -receptivity

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