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Reflective Assessment and Metadiscourse for Productive Discourse in a Knowledge-Building Environment

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This study examined how reflective assessment facilitated meta-discourse for promoting productive online discourse in a computer-supported knowledge building environment. Participants were 30 tertiary students engaging in knowledge building inquiry mediated by Knowledge ForumĀ® (KF); the reflective assessment design included e-portfolio tracking discourse, collective reflection in online writing, and classroom reflective presentation. Analyses of e-portfolios revealed that the students adopted a range of reflective strategies; and high-level metadiscourse processes involving meta-cognition, meta-theory and meta-conversation were related with domain understanding; there was also association of metadiscourse processes with collective knowledge advance in online discourse. Classroom reflective presentation revealed how students engaged in metadiscourse integrating online and offline discourse. Implications of reflective assessment to facilitate metadiscourse for promoting sustained online discussion are discussed.


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