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Whither Equity in the "21st-Century School"? Critical Perspectives on Education and Technology

Mon, April 16, 10:35am to 12:05pm, New York Hilton Midtown, Floor: Second Floor, Gibson Suite

Session Type: Symposium


Prevailing approaches to studying education technology tend to explore how best to integrate technologies into classrooms to support students’ learning and acquisition of “21st Century” skills. This symposium questions the assumptions implicit in these studies. We ask: Whose values, knowledges, and interests are encoded in education technologies? And how can an understanding of young people’s creative digital practices build toward more equitable and participatory digital futures? Consistent with this year’s annual theme, this symposium examines how debates over digital technology enable and constrain the dreams and possibilities of a robust public education. This session will be valuable for participants interested in the relations between prevailing cultural and political-economic forces shaping schooling and the young people targeted by technological innovations.

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